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7th - Finding Someone Who Wouldn’t Abandon Her

Loneliness. Abandonment. Rejection. These had been frequent milestones on the trail of Pima’s life, even though she was only 29 years old. Now, she had a daughter to raise with little support from her husband. How could Pima help her daughter navigate life when she herself felt alone and abandoned?


18th - Escaping a World of Ignorance

It’s been said that only those who escape the limitations of tea estate schools have any chance of succeeding in the sphere of education, and Nadette was fighting to escape.


20th - Compassion That Doesn't Run Dry

Ariana perceived a reluctant look on her neighbor’s face. Had she pushed their generosity too far? But she needed clean water for herself and her children to drink. For Ariana, asking neighbors for drinking water was uncomfortable, especially during the dry season when she knew they also struggled to attain pure water. As a single mother, though, she didn’t have another option. Would she forever have to depend on others’ kindness? Was there Someone whose compassion could never be overextended?


28th - Financially Unable to Meet His Daughter’s Special Needs

12th - Flow of Love Turns Tide in Remote Village

When Pastor Talon first stepped foot in a distant village nearly 15 years ago, he hauled film equipment on his head. He and the other members of his GFA film ministry team had trekked across a river and into a remote, mountainous region to share Jesus with people who had not yet heard of His love.



27th - Mystery Illness Leads Woman to Wholeness in Christ

Sadzi sobbed. What had happened to her? She had once worked hard to help provide for her family. Now, she couldn’t even get out of bed. She had chronic fever, leg pain and little appetite.

6th - A New Family for a Mother and Her Son

“Life is all about suffering,” Bulah once said. At least, it seemed that way for her and her son, Emil.


10th - Bringing Hope and Help for Dark, Cold Nights

As frigid winds sliced through the cracks and holes of Mael and Ulla’s stone-and-wood cottage, the sound of their daughters’ voices alerted the GFA pastor and his wife. The girls couldn’t sleep because they were cold.

9th - She Wanted More

The Rwandan sun shone outside the open door of Idalene’s home as she watched her little grandson and her three youngest children. They eagerly devoured the beans, veggies and rice she’d finally managed to scrape together, after a day and a night of nothing.


7th - A Couple's Tragic Trail to Truth

Radu knew he must return home. His wife, Sadia, was severely ill. Perhaps it brought back memories of another time when the threat of death loomed over a loved one while he was far away, spurring him to rush home. That trip had ended in tragedy. Would this one the same outcome? If it did, it would be yet another entry in a long timeline of hardship for Radu.


22nd - Laying Her Brick in the Wall

Few people know the details, processes and inner workings of GFA World’s U.S. office better than Shareen. Except for three departments or so, the 38-year-old has worked in every sphere of the office.


25th - Gift Helps Lonely Widow Survive, Thrive

Once again, Gunda pleaded with her son to let her live with him, but once again, he turned her down. Once again, the widow saw a lonely life of toil ahead, a life with little support from others. It seemed that sorrow, disappointment and rejection stretched before her. Would she always be alone, struggling to survive?

18th - Woman Searches Anxiously for Relief

Petrina didn’t know which was worse, the constant itching that covered her body or the pain in her stomach. Both plagued her as she struggled to complete her everyday tasks. When her stomach pains became severe, she was forced to immediately leave her work and lay down.

6th - A Father’s Faith Leads Family to God

Donatus had many children and a wife to provide for, so he did his best to lead them. An old man, he had been faithful to his traditional religion all his life. His wife and eldest son, Jedrek, were also very devout. One of his other sons, Byurak, chose to follow Christ, became a national missionary and spoke often with his father about his faith, but Donatus stood firm.


25th - New Believer Becomes Ministry Catalyst

Before Pastor Pesach stood Sima, a young man with swollen eyes. Sima’s mother, who attended Pesach’s church, wanted Pesach to pray for him. It probably wasn’t the first time someone would ask Pesach to pray for their family member, and it wouldn’t be the last. Regardless, Pesach couldn’t have known that praying for this one man would be one more link in a chain reaction, a chain reaction that had started many years earlier when Pesach was a young man himself.


4th - Wrapping Love Around a Lonely Widow

Once again, Saadet measured out her single ration of rice. Once again, she placed it in an isolated vessel. Once again, she cooked alone. In perpetual mourning and separation, Saadet was one widow among 258 million worldwide, and she was helpless and alone. Would her plight ever change? Or was she destined to live out the rest of her days trapped in loneliness and want?



3rd - Man Raised from Deathbed to Change Lives

Nantai’s mother looked on, her heart heavy, as her son lay comatose in the hospital. He had suffered from severe dizzy spells for some time, but now his life hung in the balance, as did his soul. His parents had come to know Jesus when Nantai was a child and had taken Nantai to church regularly, but as a teenager, he had stopped going to church, preferring to hang out with his friends. He had ignored their advice and lived recklessly. What would become of him now?


11th - Finding Water Amidst the Rocks

GFA World pastor Oisin and the volunteers kept digging. Other members of the village, however, had their doubts about the project the pastor and the believers had undertaken. It wasn’t possible, they said. But Pastor Oisin and his team kept digging. They shoveled and excavated, going deeper and deeper. It seemed an impossible project—but Pastor Oisin and the believers didn’t give up; they had faith.


6th - Mountain Trails No Deterrent for GFA Medical Camp

Remote. Rugged. These two words perfectly described the village GFA pastor Birkley visited. Two years prior, there had been no roads leading into the village. Nestled among a mountain range, the only way to reach the village had been by foot, traveling along paths that snaked up the mountainside. Now, there was a simple dirt road—but the trek was still difficult. So, why would Pastor Birkley lead a dozen men and women to this particular village, so out of the way and removed from everything?


6th - A Burden Slides Off Preteen Girl's Back

Against an angular backdrop of steep hillsides and spacious valleys, Sahlma waged an uphill battle. A load bore down on her small frame as the girl pressed onward. The preteen shouldn’t have been working as a porter, a physically demanding job that required transporting groceries, sand and firewood up and down the mountainside to people. She didn’t like being a porter. But how else could she provide for her siblings? Sahlma’s life, like her work, was a struggle.



3rd - A Solid Foundation

Kaila and Sabinna, two teenagers, live in a region where angular mountain slopes give way to vast valleys. Houses and buildings perch against steep hillsides.

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