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Photos: For the Least of These

Maachah, 13, lives in a small coastal village in Asia, where she also attends a GFA-supported Bridge of Hope center. This particular center was one of the very first and was built in response to a tragedy.

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Photos: A Tool In God's Hands

The sun had not yet illuminated the day, but Rahi was awake and on his knees. Every morning, he spent an hour talking with the Creator of the universe, His Savior, about all the things stored in his heart: family, ministry, personal needs and desires, the believers in his churches. Then he spent another hour in God’s Word, meditating and seeking the Lord’s will for his day and ministry.

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Photos: The Lord is with Me When I Pray

Drip-drop. Raindrops soak the family’s clothes, bedding and dry rations.

Drip-drop. The family flees to sleep under a leak-free roof.

Drip. Shame. Drop. Discouragement.

Rain keeps falling through the roof—the roof the family can never afford to adequately repair. And the waters rise.

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Photos: On the Other Side of the Showers

Sister Mary grew up in a small, remote village in Asia. She never went to school and has remained illiterate for 42 years. Despite her limitations, Sister Mary has seen God do impossible things. This is her story.

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