How Can Your Church Reach the Most Unreached?

By Joining a Global Vision to Fulfill the Great Commission

Gospel for Asia’s ministry is twofold. First, the Lord has called us to establish and grow thousands of new fellowships in unreached villages throughout Asia. Second, we aim to impact the body of Christ to live with eternity in mind.

Our speakers share around the world nearly every weekend in churches of hundreds, thousands or even tens of thousands of members. We can come alongside your church to develop a deeper love for missions and an awareness of the realities of the lost world.

Invite a Gospel for Asia Speaker

Pastors tell us that church involvement goes up dramatically after having a GFA speaker, who challenges their congregation to live selflessly and with an eternal mindset. The Word of God will come alive as one of our passionate speakers shares with your church.

South African requests only.
To request a meeting outside South Africa, visit our contact page.

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