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July 31, 2020

Relief in Tumultuous Myanmar

Against the backdrop of ongoing civil unrest in southeastern Myanmar, the introduction of the coronavirus brought additional burdens to an already struggling population. The internal problems of the country have hindered efforts to contain COVID-19 and complicated relief efforts.

Though Myanmar has not seen a major outbreak, the government is already struggling, and its health sector’s under-resourced and overstretched existence leaves people vulnerable if an outbreak should occur. There are also travel restrictions that could prove to be challenging in acquiring medical help.

Nevertheless, Bishop Nochhum Mor Abraham, leader of GFA’s ministry in Myanmar, has facilitated food distribution to 78 GFA workers as well as 102 other ministers.

“We are so grateful to God that our church has a privilege to do relief work among our pastors and missionaries,” he said.

Bishop Nochhum is also seeking to help 700 families within GFA congregations in the area and encouraging believers to reach out to help one another.

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